About Us

Central FL Dental Plan (CFDP) is an in-house Dental Plan that was established in 1996 in Mt Dora, Florida.  It’s original purpose was to offer affordable Dental insurance to patients with no insurance, those who cannot get Dental  insurance and those who  are were unhappy with their current Dental insurance and wished to change to something else. Most Dental procedures are performed in-house so that most of your Dental treatment is performed at your enrolled location.  The most common Dental procedures are listed on the fee schedule along with the cost per procedure. These are the itemized fees that you pay.  All fees listed are discounted 30-50% off usual and customary fees.  Any procedure not listed receives a 25% discount off of the usual and customary charge.The CFDP application process is very simple and efficient.  You do not have all of the paperwork to fill out as some other Dental insurances do. The first step is to visit one of our locations and have the completed application with you or fill it out there.   The yearly enrollment fee is paid up front and at every appointment there is an office visit/OSHA fee and you just pay “a la carte” for every procedure performed.  The procedures with their ADA codes as well as fees are listed on the back page of the application.  Your first visit will consist of the completed CFDP application, a Dental Examination and Treatment Plan/Estimate which includes Xrays, Dentition Charting, Head/Neck Exam, Oral Cancer Screening, Soft & Hard Oral Tissue Exam, as well as, Medical History, HIPAA, and Financial Policy.  In addition, a complete Periodontal Exam is highly recommended.  No procedure is performed without disclosure of applicable fees and informed consent. Further, all of your questions will be answered and our focus will be on your needs  
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